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EDRA Brussels Issues

The EU Construction Products Regulation

Retailers that distribute construction products need to be prepared for a new set of rules, across the European Union, from 1 July 2013. From that time, retailers across Europe will need to adopt a series of extra requirements designed to improve the safety of construction products and their environmental impact.

Below you can download a briefing note from EDRA on this important subject. Please do not hesitate to contact our Brussels office should you require further information.

Other Issues

There are so many issues impacting the retail supply chain that it would be almost too long to list here. One of EDRA's main objectives is to really prioritise those issues of greatest concern and importance to the DIY sector and focus on delivering real value to our members in the manner in which we deal with them.

Currently EDRA’s key priorities in Brussels have been identified as:

  • Environment: timber, REACH, tax reduction on green products, biocidal products legislation, WEEE Directive & other waste disposal issues, ECR Initiative.
  • Trade: anti-dumping legislation, chemical precursors, payment terms.
  • Political Developments: key developments in the European Parliament and Commission. Tracking EuroCommerce, the BRC, HDE and ERRT.
  • Consumer Affairs: VAT discrimination.

In March EDRA members spent two successful days in Brussels meeting some of our sector's most important politicians. We were able to talk in some depth with Europe's Climate Change Commissioner about energy efficiency and how the home improvement sector could help householders reduce their monthly bills while contributing to fighting climate change. The Commissioner was very supportive and has offered to work with EDRA going forward our different initiatives; we hope this develops into some tangible successes for our lobbying work going forward.

Over dinner EDRA and Fediyma were joined by five leading European parliamentarians who were interested in getting to know the sector in more depth but who are also concerned over the power of retailers. There is a big debate in Brussels currently about limiting retailer power, through regulation of "unfair contracts". While we do not want Europe to go down this prescriptive route, we also wish to demonstrate that the home improvement supply chain is different. This was the idea behind hosting this dinner jointly with Fediyma. The approach paid off, and we have built some close links with these MEPs, but now we have to sit down with Fediyma and see if there is any possibility of furthering discussions between our sector. This was a good start for EDRA in Brussels but now the real work begins.

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